3 PR disasters caused due to poor customer service

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You can’t always stop the crisis from occurring. Sometimes, things would just go horribly wrong. It comes uninformed. Excellent customer service can be a fantastic tool for the companies to develop their business and create a friendly persona. But it can also be incredibly dangerous to your brand if handled carelessly. Public Relations disasters happen all the time and here are a few notable customer service tactics that resulted in serious backlashes of the companies involved.

  1. Domino’s Pizza Employees Gone Wild

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It happened in 2009, when the two North Carolina Domino’s Franchise employees filmed some really disgusting food video of themselves. The food was likely to be served to the customers. Within few days, they themselves uploaded the video to YouTube and it had over one million views. The video was so appalling enough to put the average consumer off fast food for life. Domino’s responded to this filthy act by firing the employees, but the brand’s image seemed to been tarnished since Dominos did not respond to the issue effectively.


  1. Gasp salesperson insulted a customer

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Gasp clothing, an Australian boutique chain couldn’t seem to escape making headlines in 2013. Gasp salesperson insulted a customer, O’Neil, who shopped for a bridesmaid dress after which she decided against purchasing it. The lady later reported the store’s management about the rude service. In response to her complaint to the customer service center, Gasp clothing’s manager, Matthew Chidgey, praised the staff as a superstar too good at what he does. This made the scene worst and the email exchange went viral by letting the infamous boutique known to the world.


  1. Best Buy’s Black Friday disaster

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Once an order is paid, the consumers would feel confident that the product will absolutely be arriving shortly. But the Black Friday orders in November 2011 disappointed the Best Buy customers over Christmas. The electronic retailer over the Black Friday weekend alerted the customers about their gifts that went out of stock just a day before the Christmas. The unhappy customer’s complaint went viral online and henceforth Best Buy was compared to ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’. And since Best Buy’s PR did not come forward to rectify it on time, the damage was already done.


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