4 Companies that provide excellent customer service on facebook

Customer Service on Facebook

Would you like to provide a delightful customer experience for your customers? Social media can help you. Today, social media has become a great tool in managing your businesses. It has become easy to reach the audience through social media. Customers can have both positive and negative reviews about your brand. Social media helps you handle your customer service issues in a better way.

Make your business pages on social platforms engaged that helps your customers to comfortably reach you. Here are few companies that provide excellent customer service on Facebook.

There’s a story behind the Coca-Cola’s Facebook page. Two fans of this brand were not satisfied with their Facebook presence and started a new Facebook page for coca cola four years ago. The company redirected the existing page to the new page and started increasing their social presence. Now they have more than 97 million like and provide a good customer service. They have become one among the most liked companies on Facebook.

Disney Facebook approach is one among the happiest social media strategy on earth. Their page has a casual tone which helps fans to interact with the company easily. They have linked their main Facebook page to the other sub fan pages which helps fans to chat about specific products. This helps them share their reviews and feedback. The page has gained approximately 50 million likes and provides the best customer interaction.

This company provides excellent customer service both in Facebook and twitter. They respond to their customer complaints and questions in a quick manner. They have developed meaningful and relevant customer relationships on Facebook. Their page has gained 36 million likes and this coffee giant has both personable and dynamic interaction.

Walmart has more than 34 million Facebook likes and they keep up their Facebook page engaged. They have numerous posts on their page with lots of comments. They respond to both the positive feedback and customer issues. This retail giant always provides a friendly and professional customer support on social media. They always solve customer issues or redirect the customers to someone for better assistance.

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