5 Customer service mistakes that you must avoid


The way you treat your customers dictates the fortune of your firm. Providing excellent customer service is a sure-fire to keep customers loyal and get them to buy from you again. Any company with high customer retention can easily benefit the business’ bottom line. Sadly, certain corporations and brands don’t recognize that their inadequate customer service is inevitable road to failure. If you are one among them, then it is time to realize the major mistakes you often make. Here are some solutions to help you.

Having untrained staff

Your employees contribute to the success of your company when they are trained to perform their jobs according to industry standards. Most of the companies consider in-depth training is unnecessary expense and they expect hired ones to get trained from supervisors and senior employees. However this type of training is inadequate to build a perfect potential employee. Lack of training for employees can result not only in loss of the company but also affects its reputation.

Not being there for your customers

Customers can get confused when dealing with something new. In such times, it is important to have an employee waiting to assist them. If the customer is happy with the service provided, it increases the chance of sticking on to the company’s service by 20 percent. It helps your customers to find you again wherever they are.

Trying to convince the customer you are right

It is hard to find loyal customers, and once you find it, it is necessary to put maximum effort to hold on to it as much as you can. The customers can have unreasonable desires that cause problems. In such cases, it is good to remember the old saying, ‘the customer is always right’. Try teaching your employees how to handle such customers in more tricky way.

Not having a direct line to answer customer’s questions

Customers find it frustrating when the customer calls gets transferred from one operator to another. It not only consumes lot of time but the information received can be quite contradictory. Make sure your team comprises of employees who can answer any type of questions thrown at them.

Answering in a general way

Your customers will approach you with unique problems. So, giving them the same generic type of response will not let the problem go away. Make sure you listen to their problem carefully and find the exact solution to it. Never hand over the brochure or point to FAQ section to the customers.

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