6 Ways to deal with angry customers


Have you ever picked up a phone to greet an agitated customer? Customers get angry, frustrated and rude for various reasons. While some can be justified, others are not. The most challenging aspect of a job is handling such customers with utmost care. Handling customers can be either face-to-face or could also be over the phone. But in such cases, how do you respond to an angry customer? Here are some tips on how to deal with angry customers.

Remain calm and try to understand the customer’s complaint
Yelling back at an angry customer will do no help but escalate the situation to a whole different level. Instead, try putting your best customer service attitude by listening to the customer’s grievances first and understanding their dispute. It is important to remain calm and put on a welcoming face or voice tone.

Don’t take it personally
Always remember the customer is not angry with you, they may be displeased with your service or quality of product. So it is important that you don’t take your personal feelings and irritation on your customers. If the customer seems to threaten, politely explain to them that you will discuss with your manager or higher authorities regarding the issue and help them resolve the problem.

Sympathize for the situation
Once you sort out the problem, show them you feel really bad about it. Also, use calm and collected wording like “I completely understand you are upset on right thing and     let’s see what we can do to correct it” rather than throwing your voice up and getting rude. Customers only want to be understood.

Apologize for your mistake
Let the customer know you are genuinely sorry that this happened to them. Do apologize along with empathizing. Most of the customers tend to relax and understand what you are trying to tell after you apologize for your mistake.

Find the best solution to resolve the problem
Once you are done with apologizing, ask the customer various questions to gather the facts on the problem or the issue faced by them. Now start working with your customer and find a solution that satisfies you both. Remember you are running a business and so you needn’t overcompensate the customer’s complaint. Find a solution which is fair and justifiable for both parties. At the end of the day, understand that your customer is an asset and you need them to stay with you and your services.

Relieve your stress
After ending the phone call with your customer find a way to relieve your stress. Let the anger go way with your customer and do not keep stress cooped inside you. If you do not relieve your stress, it is highly likely that you will lose your cool on the next angry customer you interact with.

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