9 ways to make use of social media for your customer service

9 ways to make use of Social Media for your customer service

With the rapid growth of internet, we can see the eventual adaptation and migration of businesses going online. Social media customer service is all about having the right tools, managed by the right team with the right resources and to respond to your customers with right answers. When you implement this correctly, social media customer service provides the best benefits to your business. Check out these nine ways to make use of social media for your customer service. You might be surprised with the results!

Interact with your customers
Many businesses create social media pages just to distribute promotional material or service announcement. It’s rare for a business page to interact with their customers. So make use of the social media platform to interact well with your valuable customers.

Check your social medial page regularly
Once you create a social media page it is absolutely necessary to maintain it. Nobody would follow a social media page if you don’t update it regularly. A page with no activities shows no sign of presence of the business.

Link your customer service department with your social media team
If your businesses have both customer service team and social media team, it would be a great idea to link them together. This allows both the teams to work together with the customer inquiries.

Give knowledge transfer to your social media team
Customers should be given right information about the business. The social media representative should know about the business policies in order to avoid confusion and frustrating the customers.

Respond to feedback
It’s important to interact with the customers just like how you interact when they field complaints or ask questions. Acknowledging the suggestions from the customers while chatting can help built customer loyalty.

Your social media team should be acquainted with your product.
It is really bad if your social media marketing team doesn’t know about the products and service that the company provides. This will definitely frustrate and discourage the customers who chat with them online. Proving training documentation to the social media team is an excellent way to solve this issue.

Run social media exclusive contests
This is a quick way to get extra likes to your page. Online coupons, contests and so on can encourage your customers to follow your social media page as well as business.

Keep personal opinions quiet
Making personal statement on the pages can lead to public backlash.

Aware of customers likes and dislikes
Monitoring customers through their comments is the best way to understand what the customer really wants from you.



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