How to ask the right questions to your customer?

How to ask right questions to your customers

How to ask right questions to your customers

Constantly seeking feedback is a great way to understand your customer expectations. Right questions asked in the right time can probably help to plug gaps and effectively market your business.  It is the best way to discover how a customer differentiates you from your competitor.

Your first question should be directed at your business and not at your customer. Including the most important questions at the beginning can help you achieve your goal because respondents are likely to be more engaged at the beginning of the survey than at the end. Here are few questions to ask your customers:-

  • Why do you buy from us?

This question is a good baseline for your marketing. You can get to know how effective your advertising is and check how well is your lead conversion processes working.

  • What are the better things in our business when compared with others?

This question can help you discover something that you can work as a true differentiator. Getting specific answer to this question from the customers can help you understand what they value about your service. This could be the core marketing message for your business.

  • How shall we improve our business to provide a better experience for you?

This question might look like an improvement question on the surface, but actually it can bring your customers say something like “I wish it came like this”. You can push your customers to describe how you create meaningful innovation to your products or services.

  • Do you prefer us to others? If so, why?

Here is the ultimate question of satisfaction! This is a must question you should ask all customers in order to know if they like your service/ products.  Small business can specifically ask why they get referrals and know why your company is the best.

  • What would you Google to find a business like ours?

This new lead generation question can tell you the actual terms and phrases your customer uses to find company like yours. Most of the companies optimise their websites with these technical terms.


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