Why psychology is important in your customer care?


Before doing the business with you, majority of the customers will refer to the information available on the web to find out more about your company and your service quality. The business world work these days with transparency. Because of this, the owners are forced to re-examine the sales process for customers benefit. In order to run a business with profit, it is necessary to understand the customer’s psychology and one should be aware of the things that really matter to the customers.

The business-customer relationship is largely based on emotion and day to day interaction is what customer love is all about. You might think that you can attract customers if you have the best products at a reasonable price, but that’s not the case. However if a client doesn’t like you, they are likely to approach your competitor who can deal their customers much better.

The people involved with customer service interaction- the customers and the company representative, have their own motivations, emotions and desired outcome. They tend to agree towards each other quickly on the best solution. Let’s see how the psychology works between unhappy customers and the company representatives.

When a customer calls to the company with complaints, they probably want the problem to get fixed. They look forward for the representative who will acknowledge to listen and feel bad about the problem. They expect the representative on the other end of the phone to care about the problem and feel sorry for the inconvenience it caused. They also want assurance that this situation would never come up again.

Now, when considering the customer representatives motivation, it seems to be more complicated. They expect to do a good job representing the company and make the customers happy. But, they desire to do their daily job without unhappy customers taking all their frustration on them.

When one works with this mentality, he/she cannot make every customer happy and satisfied. If your customers have any dispute with the service or product provided, it is your responsibility to resolve the issue and make them happy. The caller approaches you by spending their precious time by going through an automated phone system. They stay on hold and when they finally get you connected, you have to make up for their time with extra care.

Companies should train their representatives with customer psychology and make them aware about the importance of every single customer in business. A personal touch of the customer representative can make the caller feel valued and appreciated.

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