E-mail or ticketing Support

Wouldn't it be great if you could promise your customer a guaranteed email reply within a certain time frame? We help you achieve exactly that, and with enormous cost savings too. Often we would reply to your customer enquiries within a few minutes of receiving the email.

    What email support tasks can we handle for you
  • Answering questions about your product or service
  • Tracking orders
  • Shipping enquiries
  • Handling upgrades or cancellations
  • Technical detail regarding a product
  • Handling complaints
  • Managing returns and refunds
  • And many more
    Why Integra would be right partner for you
  • Guaranteed turnaround time for emails
  • Customised responses to each email
  • Beautifully formatted emails
  • Well researched email answers
  • Quick email enquiry resolution

We are well equipped to adapt to your specific requirements. Our email support experience spans across various industries. We have a proud history of helping companies manage their email enquiries and build a loyal customer base.

    What else can you expect from us
  • Automatic work load management through cross trained staff
  • Your business hours or 24/7 coverage
  • Continuous quality review of emails
  • Email tickets closed only after ensuring total client satisfaction

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