Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from your competitors?

Our customer support representatives are trained in customer psychology. We know that there is more to customer care than a mere "How can I help you?" Understanding the mind of every customer is paramount to learning how to best care for them. We employ psychology in customer care, something that you do not normally see in this industry. This is what makes us different than our competitors.

I want an exclusive team for my business? Can you help me?

Yes. You can get an exclusive team for your business. To build your exclusive team, we will select a team leader and various other positions as per your requirement. You can communicate directly with your team whenever you need and organize the tasks and get reports.

We are a start-up company. We are small but growing. Will you work with us?

Absolutely. We work with many small businesses and family run firms and have helped them grow bigger. We give equal attention to all our clients.

Do the customer support agents work from home?

No. All our customer support solution agents work from our offices in India. This is the reason why we are able to offer you multiple services, confidence and trust that your business is in safe hands. Take a look at some photos of our customer support staff.

I am looking for a team (or staff) with a combination of skills. Do you have such people?

Yes. All our customer support agents are trained on multiple facets of customer care like call handling, email answering, live chat, sales and service support. Besides this, we also have a team of technical experts. If you require any specialist skill, we would be able to quickly assemble a team to meet your specification.

My support work load increases during a particular season. Can you help?

We have a large team with expertise in multiple areas. We can easily meet any of your demands even on a very short notice.

How can you offer customer support agents at such incredibly low prices? What facilities are provided to the staff?

All our customer support agents work from our branch offices at Coimbatore, India. The difference in cost of living allows us to provide our services at low prices. The facilities offered to our employees are best in the industry. It includes above average pay, transportation, recreation, insurance benefits and so on. All these help us keep our employees happy and in turn give you exceptional service at an affordable price.

    How secure are your facilities? What about data protection?

    Your data protection and privacy is of paramount importance to us and we take every possible effort to ensure your 100% peace of mind. Here is a list of measures that we take to ensure your data confidentiality.

  • Non disclosure agreements (NDA) with all our staff
  • Every staff member goes through pre screening and criminal record checks before commencing employment with us
  • No access to removable media such as CD, DVD and flash drives.
  • Security guards at all our facilities, closed circuit television and individual PC monitoring.
  • Our data servers are located in high end secure data centers in USA
Do I have to agree on a long term binding contract? How flexible are you?

No. We clearly understand that outsourcing services are based on a mutually co-operative and successful engagement of both parties. We are flexible and accommodative.

Before I start, I need to speak to the assigned staff to find out if they will suit my requirements. Is that possible?

Yes. You can speak to the staff assigned to you.

I would like to visit your office to give hands-on training? Is this possible?

Yes. We welcome you to visit our offices in India. You could look at our facilities and spend time with your team. We will make sure that your trip is worth it.

How long will it take to start?

Just contact us with your requirements. Once we understand your exact needs, we will start the ball rolling. The whole process will take approximately between 1 to 3 weeks.

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