Technical Support

When you are sick, would you trust the advice of the doctor or someone whom you just met? The answer is obvious. Similarly, when in doubt would your customer trust the word of an expert or someone unqualified? Again, the answer is obvious.

Does your product or service need to be supported by technically qualified people?

Paying customers can easily identify support done by non-technical people. However a lot of businesses do not use the appropriate technical resources and it leads to returns, refunds and lost business. Our technical staff can handle customer care of your product or service.

    What type of technical support can we handle for you
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Networking
  • Healthcare products
  • Finance and insurance products
  • Professional services
  • Engineering products
  • Internet and cloud based products
  • Troubleshooting
    What benefits do you get by using Integra
  • Technical staff to support your customers
  • Affordable price to even small businesses
  • Your business hours coverage or 24/7
  • 100% university educated professionals
  • Will not work for your competitors

Provide support to your customers by using technical experts trained not only in technology but also in the nuances of customer care. Want to know more about this outsourced technical support service?

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