About us

    Our Background
  • Started in the year 2004 with just 4 employees
  • Currently have 1400+ employees
  • Multiple offices with state of the art facilities
  • Strong financial position and trusted management team
  • US registered corporation
  • Headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Branch in Ruislip, UK
  • Our offshore centers located at Coimbatore, India
  • Sales branch in Toronto, Canada

  • Our operations center is in Coimbatore, India, a city with 2 million people. The location provides us with a good advantage over larger cities in terms of cost, quality of staff and work ethics. We pass on these benefits to you so you could enjoy the best of outsourced customer support experience.

    Our strength
  • Founded by 4 experienced outsourcing experts
  • Senior managers team with knowledge of executing projects of different sizes
  • Teams with experience of working with start-ups and large corporations
  • Hand-picked employees from top universities
  • Staff experienced with North American and European regulations to manage projects from inception to completion
  • Transition management experience to quickly adapt and ramp up your project
  • Staff trained rigorously in psychological approach to customer support
    Why we would be a good partner for you?
  • You get the expertise of 1400+ staff who work with small and medium size companies located across US, UK, Canada and Australia
  • You get a company with state of the art facilities and stringent security measures
  • We are US Corporation with branches in UK and India. You get instant local support

  • We welcome you to join our list of happy clients.

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