Live chat support services

"63 percent of website visitors would make an online purchase if they had more information." - Forrester Research

More than half of all potential Internet sales are lost where customer question go unanswered. It may be a simple case of getting a missing piece of information or a customer needing reassurance. These simple unanswered cases could cost you a lot. Live chat on your website is the right answer.

Our trained agents can handle live chat for your company. We work with Internet retailers, eBay power sellers and companies with an internet presence.

    What live chat services can we handle on your behalf
  • Pre sales questions
  • Post sales support
  • Technical questions
  • Payment process
  • Remote installations
  • Billing support
  • Package tracking
  • SMS updates
  • Other tasks based on your need
    What benefits you get by using live chat
  • Interact with customers who do not prefer phone calls
  • Improve customer confidence on your product or service
  • Build trust and relationship with your website visitors
  • Involve customers besides informing them
  • Convert a visitor into a guaranteed sale
  • Increase conversions by 50% or more
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
How does outsourcing live chat to Integra works?

Before we start, our agents will get a thorough training of your product or service. We then continue to support your customers with well researched answers and professional responses.

    Why Integra would be right partner for you
  • Access to live chats agents trained in customer psychology
  • Well researched and appropriate chat replies
  • Quick live chat enquiry resolution
  • Experience of working with multiple live chat scenarios

Live chat is an important pre and post sales tool for your website. In this highly competitive market, providing this option would drive more business for you.

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