Integra's infrastructure

Secure, solid and world class

Our office infrastructure has been developed to meet all the rigorous demands of our global clients. All our offices are enabled with multiple connections and power redundancies. We strive to offer our clients a fantastic outsourcing experience, with 100% trust, reliability and peace of mind.

    Some highlights of our modern offices
  • Multiple sprawling offices with state of the art facilities
  • Privacy, data security, power and internet redundancies
  • Disaster recovery arrangements
  • Multiple servers at various geographic locations
  • Manned security at all our office premises
  • Designed to meet global standards
  • Along with our office infrastructure, our location of Coimbatore in India gives us an incredible advantage in terms of cost, quality of staff and working ethics. While enjoying them, we pass on these benefits to our clients who enjoy a guaranteed quality of service and 100% success.

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