Do you lack the appropriate resources to provide great customer service for your business?

(Did you ever have to do damage control because your team did not do a great job of servicing your customers? Didn't that leave you frustrated?)

When you get complaints from your customers about poor customer service, it is frustrating!

What's even more frustrating is that your customer service staff, who are supposed to be experts don't know how to handle your customers in the appropriate way.

What happens if customer service issues are not fixed immediately? What can you do to rectify the problem?

You will have to either spend more money in training the existing staff or hire more qualified people.

Can you be sure that your customer service issues will go away even after you spend money in training?

How do you know that the training your team gets is sufficient or will guarantee success? Are you willing to experiment with your customers with the knowledge you get from training programs?

You cannot build a house with 2 bricks and a hammer. You need the appropriate building materials and skilled people who know how to put it together.

Presenting - Integra service reps What else can you expect
Issues resolved within a short number of call backs

We take time to understand the exact problem your customer needs help with. Find out the appropriate solution and respond back quickly. This drastically reduces the number of times we have to communicate back and forth with your customer to resolve their problem.

Convert to loyal fans

Customer service is always not about great phone manners. Phone manners alone cannot satisfy customers unless their problem gets fixed correctly. Our staff understands the problem well, research and find the correct solution for your customers. Phone manners, understanding the psychology combined with accurate replies converts customers into loyal fans of your business.

Live agents

Are your concerned if your customer calls will go unanswered or go to a voice mail? Our team is configured in such a way that all your customers will be answered by a real person. There is no substitute to a human touch.

Chat, phone and email

Your business needs to be flexible in this competitive world. Offering different options to your customers to contact you increases your competitiveness. Our staff can answer on your behalf by using phone, email or live chat. You instantly look like a large corporation.

Regular business hours or 24/7

Choose the hours that fits your business needs. You can choose our business hours only or the 24/7 plan. Our 24/7 plans are affordable even for the smallest businesses.

Other benefits you get
  • Trained staff ready to start immediately
  • Useful reports that provides excellent insights
  • Local number for your customers to call in
  • Close to 100% uptime
  • Save atleast 40% of your current costs
  • Staff who have ability to convert a visitor into a sale
  • Pain free transition of your tasks
Why mood is an important factor in customer support?

Every customer is different. They would be in various states of mood when they call in for customer support. Some would be in a normal state, some mildly upset and some would be angry when they call. A customer support rep would not only need to have the appropriate information to answer but also should be able to handle the different moods effectively.

Not every rep can gauge all the different moods a customer is in and respond to them appropriately. Customers come from different backgrounds, age groups, genders, environments and so on. The combinations are numerous. The only way to handle customers effectively is to get your customer support staff trained in customer psychology.

Where would you find such training. How much time and money would you invest on it. Are you certain you will get positive results? Don't worry about any of these. Allow us to handle your customer support.

How are we different?

Our reps use customer psychology techniques when handling your customers. Other customer support reps undergo "off-the-shelf" customer training, making them less effective when responding to complex customer moods. Our customer support reps receive intensive ongoing training in customer psychology, by our inhouse psychologist, giving us the ability to handle any mood your customer is in.

All your customer has to do is make a call and talk to our (your) customer service staff. The result is a very happy customer who becomes a loyal fan.

The sailor knot guarantee

We are very confident that our work is as tight as a sailor knot. We guarantee that you will not lose clients because of our phone manners or ability to calm and answer your clients. In case you are dissatisfied with our services for any of these reasons you can cancel it anytime by giving a 30 day notice.

Price plans - Customer support during your business hours

Our price plans are affordable even for the smallest businesses. You can either choose support during business hours, after business hours or the 24/7 option.

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I was worried: What if you do mistakes and lose my customers

We were adding a new product line and decided to look for cost effective ways to support our customers until business picked up. We started looking at outsourcing options. However we were very worried about the outsourcing company's abilities and what would happen if the supplier company messes up. We not only would lose our new customers but it would also affect the growth of the new product line.

We signed up with Integra on a trial basis and listened to how they handle the calls. We did mockup calls with potential support scenarios. Their phone manners were excellent, they were able to handle all the different scenarios. If it was a very difficult question which our product was not capable of performing, they would call us and verify before replying back to our customers.

The transition has been very smooth. Integra has been able to handle all our clients very effectively. They are also a factor in making our new product line successful. We are glad that this relationship worked very well.


I already have a team who are in place and to handle the customer service for my business.

I thought that our team could do better and looked for help. I spoke with Integra staff. Not only were they knowledgeable but they also explained how their psychological training works and how their staff are trained. They also explained how they get more testimonials and business from customers. I was still not convinced but decided to start small.

I started to notice differences within 2 weeks. My customers started saying good things about our customer service. I started getting more testimonials and more than that I even got a new order for another product that we sell. I currently have a team of staff at Integra. My customers are a lot happier and I get a lot more repeat business.


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