Telephone support service

"Your business, your products and services - we will make it sound better"

Would you like to stop doing customer care "damage control" and provide a delightful customer experience to your customers? We can help you.

    What can you get from Integra customer support
  • Customer care professionals speaking fluent English
  • Part time professionals or an exclusive team for you
  • Excellent telephone etiquette with neutral accent
  • 100% university educated customer care personnel
  • Delightful experience for your customers
What do you get by working with us

Unlike standard call centers, we do not stop with merely answering calls. We are a full-fledged customer support center and not a call answering company. We will ensure a delightful customer support experience for every one of your customers. To begin with, we will have thorough understanding of your product or service and build conversations with your customers that will help them all the way through to a happy closing. But how do we do that?

Applying psychology in your customer care

Our customer support professionals are not just trained in your product or service and telephone etiquette; but also thoroughly trained in customer psychology. Understanding a customer's mind is paramount to resolving issues and fulfilling their needs. So, at Integra, you do not get mere call center agents but professionals trained in customer psychology.

    What more can you gain by working with Integra
  • Personalized customer support scripts
  • Staff thoroughly trained in your product or service
  • Your business hours coverage or 24/7
  • 100 % University educated professionals
  • Concurrent calls in a single number
  • Will not work for your competitors
Why Integra would be the right partner for you?

You want to be seen as a star in caring for your customers. You don't want to be seen in poor light with your paying customers. When you get complaints from your customers about poor customer service, it is frustrating.

We at Integra are equipped with the skills and infrastructure necessary to efficiently handle your customer calls and enhance their experience.

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