Complaint Handling Service

Did a disgruntled customer just slam down the phone on you? Complaint handling is serious business. We specialize in complaint handling and customer relationship management services.

We offer this service to a variety of industries. We can send out timely responses to every one of your correspondence or complaint within agreed time frames and maintain guaranteed service levels. Our professionalism and enthusiasm is aimed at converting your disgruntled customer to a loyal fan.

    What can you get from Integra
  • Professional response to all your customer complaints
  • Quick resolution of all the complaints
  • Appropriate answers well within timeframe
    How do our agents tackle your customer complaints
  • Collate and analyze customer complaints
  • Prioritize complaints based on the severity
  • Instant acknowledgement and timely response
  • Convert dissatisfaction to loyalty
    Why Integra would be right partner for you
  • Access to professionals trained in customer psychology
  • Expertise to solve even complex problems
  • Highly affordable price to even small businesses
  • Single minded focus on your customer delight

Before we start your tasks, we will thoroughly understand your business, create right procedures and test them. This will ensure that our process and systems are accurate, fool-proof and your clients get a great customer service experience.

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