Why outsource customer support?

Sales and customer support are two of the most important tasks for any business. Maintaining an exclusive in-house customer support team is often very expensive. Also as the business expands, the in-house team may not be able to cope with the in-flow of customer questions and complaints. This is exactly why and when a company should outsource their customer care.

    What benefits you get by outsourcing customer support?
  • No hiring and training costs (compared to an in-house team)
  • More time to focus on sales
  • Customer issues handled by trained industry professionals
  • Support could be extended 24/7
Why outsource customer support to Integra?

Customer support companies usually focus on resolving the issues. On the other hand, Integra customer support team focuses on your customer delight. We have devised specific strategies and use unique psychological triggers to ensure your customer delight.

We know that understanding the mind of the customer is paramount to fulfilling their needs. That's why we use unique psychological approach to customer care. With Integra at your side, you now have a strong edge over your competitors.

    What benefits you get by using Integra?
  • Professionals trained in customer psychology
  • Staff thoroughly trained in your product or service
  • Your business hours coverage or 24/7
  • Affordable price to even small businesses
  • Will not work for your competitors

  • These are just a few of the benefits you get by outsourcing your customer support to us.

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