Price - $9.95 per hour (for your technical support)

    What hours can we work for you
  • Your business hours
  • After business hours
  • 24/7
  • Weekends only
  • Custom hours
    What tasks can we handle for you
  • Technical support calls (pre-sales and post-sales)
  • Helpdesk support
  • Remote PC support
  • Technical support via email
  • Technical support via live chat
  • Ticketing support
    What is included in the price plan?
  • Technical support by technical experts
  • Remote desktop support when required
  • Certified professionals who are experts in your industry
  • Agents thoroughly trained in your product or service
  • Customer service psychology trained professionals to handle your responses
  • Local number with preferred area code for your customers to call
  • Customized answers relevant to your product or service
  • Personalized welcome message to greet your clients
  • 100% university educated agents to handle your customer support
  • Flexibility to quickly add support for new products or services
  • Introduce new procedures and processes whenever you want
  • Instant set up and immediate start for your project
  • Comprehensive data security for your peace of mind
  • Flexible agreement to suit your business needs
  • Call waiting - your customer never gets a busy tone
  • Forward calls to you or your office (if needed)
  • Answer more than one customer at the same time
  • Call quality monitoring by technical experts
  • Will not work for your direct competitors

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